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Kozak Lyudmila Yaroslavovna, Candidate of engineering sciences, deputy director for academic affairs, Transdniestria State University named after T. G. Shevchenko (Rybnitsa branch) (12 Gagarina street, Rybnitsa, Transdniester Moldavian Republic),
Averchenkov Andrey Vladimirovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of computer technologies and systems, Bryansk State Technical University (7 50-letiya Oktyabrya boulevard, Bryansk, Russia),

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Background. Efficiency of production directly depends on technology management quality. The technology, in turn, relies on accuracy and efficiency of control and measuring information processing. Development of mathematical methods of researching system communications and regularities of functioning and creation of mathematical models, taking into account structural features of the research object, as well as development of software products for realization of the said methods are urgent tasks. As an example of realization of mathematical methods and approbation of the constructed models the authors took the data of the Moldavian steel.
Materials and methods. In order to research of the technological process data by high-carbonaceous and low-carbonaceous brands smelting indices the authors used the modified method of casual balance at passive experiment. Adequate models were created by the method of least squares with preliminary orthogonalization of
Results. Adequate mathematical models on the basis of the technological process data of the Moldavian steel works have been developed and approved. The authors have calculated information capacity of the received models by means of the proposed software.
Conclusions. Modern information technologies allow to develop the necessary software products allowing to develop the models of complex objects that will make it possible, in turn, for future engineers to solve practical problems in production qualitatively and at a high professional level.

Key words

production process, technology, modified method of casual balance, method of least squares.

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